Help Needed

This project is urgently in need of funding. I am currently seeking fiscal sponsorship. If tax deductability is not a concern, checks can be written (payable) directly to me, Steven Baigel. Otherwise checks must be written to the fiscal sponsor (pending) earmarked for WITH UNDIVIDED FAITH©. (All foundation support will go through the fiscal sponsor as this is an educational non-profit production). For further information on how you can help this essential and much needed documentary be completed please contact Steven Baigel at


Need & Importance

Tibet and Tibetans remain a largely foreign and abstract notion to people and institutions, especially in the West. Though there have been many films and videos produced on Tibet and Tibetans very few have taken a in-depth look into the crisis contemporary exile Tibetans are facing in order to protect their cultural identity. WITH UNDIVIDED FAITH: A PORTRAIT OF A TIBETAN EXILE COMMUNITY presents a unique and very intimate portrait of several Tibetan families caught in their struggle to both protect their family values and their cultural heritage, and the sacrifices that at times must be made and endured. It is the hope of the filmmaker that those viewing this documentary will come to empathize with the subjects through a more personal understanding of them as real people facing real obstacles, and thus educate and motivate viewers to take action to help Tibetans during these extremely dangerous times for their cultural survival.