Digital Lightjet prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

11X14    $195
16X20    $250

Traditional "C" prints directly printed
from a 4x5 inter-negative from the original 35mm transparency.

8X10    $95
11X14    $135
16X20    $195

For Epson 9600 Ink Jet,
or Fujix (on Fuji Crystal Archive paper),
or Ilfochrome printing,
or for other sizes please contact Steven.

All prices subject to change.
Discount pricing for multiples of a single image.
Shipping, matting, framing & tax (if applicable) extra.

Please contact Steven via e-mail: sbaig@igc.org

Or through snail-mail:

Steven Baigel
2034 Blake St. Suite 5
Berkeley, California 94704
USA Tel: (510) 841-5599