Help Needed

I am looking for additional film or video footage of Nikhil Banerjee, whether in performance, on television, in interview, teaching, or informal situations (home movies). I am also in need of more photographs, audio interviews (and) articles about and/or by him (Ideas for funding possibilities also most eagerly welcome).

To Contribute

As a not-for-profit educational production, funding for THAT WHICH COLORS THE MIND©: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF NIKHIL BANERJEE is being sought through non-profit foundations that support and promote cross-cultural fertilization and understanding, music, and Indian culture specifically. Potential donors from India, the Indian expatriate community, as well as other individuals who have demonstrated an interest in Indian culture and music will be aggressively pursued, their donations being tax deductible. Private fundraising events and work-in-progress screening parties will be organized.

THAT WHICH COLORS THE MIND©: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF NIKHIL BANERJEE is honored that the Center For World Music, in La Mesa, California is this project's 501(c)(3) non-profit fiscal sponsor. For tax-deductibility all checks need to be sent to The Center For World Music ATTN: Purna Patnaik, Treasurer 2225 Ninth Street Olivenhain, California 92024 USA earmarked for the documentary That Which Colors The Mind. If tax-deductibility is not a concern checks can be made out directly to me, Steven Baigel 2034 Blake St. Suite 5 Berkeley, California 94704 USA.